Dog Hydrotherapy Hereford is a facility set up by Charlotte Matthews, a veterinary surgeon practising in Hereford.

The hydrotherapy unit consists of a water walker treadmill which can be used for rehabilitation, fitness, stamina and obesity programmes for dogs.

Professional Advice On All Treatments

Benefits Include:

    •    Reduction in Pain, Swelling and Stiffness
    •    Increased range of movement in the joints
    •    Non weight bearing exercise
    •    General fitness
    •    Improved circulation
    •    Strengthening and toning of muscles
    •    Decreased recovery time
    •    Improvement in general wellbeing

Hydrotherapy can be used for:

    •    Pre-operative muscle toning
    •    Post-operative rehabilitation
    •    Neurological conditions
    •    Soft tissue injuries
    •    Obesity
    •    Old age and arthritis
    •    General fitness


Luna has had fairly major hip surgery and because she is small, she has been spending a lot of time hopping.

In the water walker she has to weight bear, and is now gaining confidence daily. Well done Luna!


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