Happy Clients


STilly has been coming for just over a month now. Her front leg is gaining strength and she really enjoys her sessions.



Sometimes a toy is required to keep them interested! This is Bella’s favourite!

He really is keen to have a go!


Some dogs like dex have a ball behind them which just stops them from trailing back and not extending their legs properly. Dex is quite a nervous dog but has gained a lot of confidence since doing his hydrotherapy!



Poppy hasn’t had cruciate surgery on her right leg but has gone down the conservative route instead. There is a physical lameness there but she is pain free now and enjoys her weekly sessions to try and keep her range of movement.


Hannah is doing really well despite her little sister popper wanting a go!



Poppy had spinal surgery not long ago but is building up her muscle and striding out in the water nicely.


Iris has only been twice but she already knows what to do - she was noticeably looser after her first session- she has a ruptured cruciate but not all dogs need surgery - we can build up the muscle which strengthens the knee joint and can in some cases avoid going under the knife.


Reggies Little Brother

Reggie has a little brother who is keen to join in the fun! He doesn’t have a name yet so will keep you posted!

He really is keen to have a go!


Luna has had fairly major hip surgery and because she is small, she has been spending a lot of time hopping.

In the water walker she has to weight bear, and is now gaining confidence daily. Well done Luna!



Poppy has had nine sessions now and having also had a lovely holiday in Borth where she swam every day, there really is a marked improvement.

We’re really hoping to avoid surgery - this is far more fun!


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