Happy Clients


This is Otis who has been coming to hydrotherapy to increase the musculature over his left hind leg, following two major cruciate surgeries. He was knuckling when he first came, but look how well he is doing now. Also note the exaggerated lifting of his right hind with the hair scrunchie on.



This is Rhys who used to be a working sheepdog and is now quite stiff over his hind quarters. He manages 16 minutes in total in the tank and this in combination with anti inflammatories and dietary control is working wonders. Often hydrotherapy is used as part of a multi modal therapy and that’s why it’s always important to discuss all options with your vet. There’s always something that will help.


Betsy has had spinal surgery and is much more steady on her back legs now since starting hydrotherapy. We just need her to focus more on walking and less on telling us about it - let’s just say the session is not always a quiet one, although she always tries her hardest!


Even when Bella drops her toy she keeps on walking. It’s like a wave pool with the amount of turbulence that she produces. That only makes it harder for her to walk which can only be beneficial to developing her muscles!


As long as Rudy has a toy in his mouth he is happy. The ball at the back helps with his stride length.


Sadly we have had to say goodbye to Toby who very suddenly passed away two weeks ago. He was a real star who managed a full 25 minutes of exercise to help with his weight management. Our thoughts go to his family at this difficult time. He was a little trooper right to the end.


Nana has finished her course now and is back to her playful self. She will come monthly now to maintain her increased range of movement.


Ricco may be small but he strides out during his sessions and really focuses on his walking. He has strengthened up his hind limb muscles considerably.

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